April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

�� Exciting News Alert! ��

On April 1st, the City of Wolfforth made a powerful declaration, officially recognizing April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month. ��️ This proclamation urges all citizens to join hands in enhancing the quality of life for every child and family in our community.

As your trusted public library, we're dedicated to supporting the well-being of our youngest members. Through partnerships with incredible individuals and community organizations, we host enriching programs that promote social, emotional, and developmental growth for children. �� Additionally, we offer a diverse range of educational resources to equip parents and caregivers with the tools they need for success. ��

We're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Family Place Libraries, bringing you our newest database: Parent TV! ����‍��‍��‍��

With just a click, you can access a treasure trove of hundreds of videos covering various topics related to raising children. �� Simply follow the link below and log in with your full card number to start exploring:

�� https://library.parenttv.com/library/familyplace

Let's continue to support and nurture our children together. ��

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