Resume Writing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing


  • Create a rough draft, then edit several times.
  • Emphasize headings using boldfacing, italicizing, etc.
  • Include some white space so your resumé is easier to read.
  • Leave a “resumé gap” if you were out of work due to unemployment, illness, etc. Explain this in a cover letter.
  • Include relevant volunteer experience.
  • Use active, descriptive language. Rather than “worked,” “ran,” and “managed,” use “successfully created,” “efficiently completed,” “responsible for,” etc.
  • Have a careful reader review it, and use your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker.
  • Keep the length under 2 pages.(1 page for every 10 years of work experience)
  • Date the electronic filename of your resumé so that you can tell it apart from older and newer versions.


  • Include any of the Deadly Dozen: Height, weight, health, sex, marital status, number of children, religion, ethnic origin, age, photograph, reasons for leaving previous jobs, or salary history.
  • Use the words I, me, or my.
  • Use the heading “resumé” (it will be obvious that the document is a resume).
  • Overdo the boldfacing, italicizing, etc.
  • Use abbreviations (exceptions: GPA, Inc., states, educational degrees). Always spell it out!
  • Put the date in your resumé.
With your library card you have access to many tools to assist you in creating a resume. From the catalog page you can access Learning Express Library which gives you access to Job and Career Accelerator and other wonderful tools. The library also offers a software program called Resume Maker Web Deluxe which provides the tools you need to create professional resumes.

In addition to these tools we also have many books to assist you in your resume writing. Some of the titles include:

  • Knock em’ Dead Resumes, 11th Edition by Martin Yate
  • Best Resume Book: A Veteran Headhunter Gives Up His Resume-Writing Secrets by David Wood
  • Perfect Phrases for Resumes by Michael Betrus
For a look at more of our print resources go to the library catalog page and use the search word RESUME. CLICK HERE!