Large Meeting Room Availability

The Large Meeting Room is located inside the boyer of the Library and is only available seven days a week from 7 a.m to 11 p.m.  The Large Meeting Room occupancy with chairs only is 100 people; with tables and chairs, 60 people. The room has 15 tables, 100 chairs, 1 rolling whiteboard, 1 rolling podium, and a projector and screen. Large Meeting Room dimensions – 30 x 30 with 10 outlets along the walls

Charges for the Large Meeting Room use are as follows:
Governmental entities - No Charge
Homeschool groups - $17.50 per day, or $8.75 per half day.
Non-profit - $35.00 per day, or $17.50 per half day.
Private/ For-profit - $70.00 per day, or $35.00 per half day.

Use the calendar below to view our meeting room availability.