For Immediate Release

The City of Wolfforth Library, with the support of Wolfforth City Leaders, is adopting a fine-free policy regarding the majority of our checkout materials. Libraries inherently exist to enrich their community and strive to provide stress-free and open access to all of our patrons. January 1, 2023, the Wolfforth Library will adopt a fine-free policy for a majority of circulating materials, joining the ranks of many other public libraries across the nation.

Libraries have demonstrated that imposing late fees on patrons is not an effective deterrent to the return of late materials. Instead, it commonly creates barriers for users making Library use less likely. We strive to overcome these barriers and increase access to our patrons, trusting that our show of good faith will encourage patrons to return materials in a timely manner. As the Librarian, my hope is to continue making the Wolfforth Library a cornerstone in the community, and this initiative supports our mission to assist all residents to continue growing and learning throughout life in a relaxed and open environment.

Effective January 1, 2023, The City of Wolfforth Library will not charge fines for overdue materials. However, patrons are expected to return materials by their due dates to ensure that all Library users have equitable access to materials. No new materials may be checked out until all overdue materials are returned. While traditional fines will not accrue, a replacement cost will be charged if an item is not returned within a reasonable time. For books and materials that check out for two weeks, after 30 days past due the patron’s account will automatically incur the full replacement cost of the item. For DVDs and items that check out for one week, at 15 days past due the patron assumes the full replacement cost of the item. If an item is late due to being lost or damaged, patrons should notify the City of Wolfforth Library of the items’ status. Librarians will work with patrons to extend due dates (when possible and within reason) for missing items. Replacements for lost or damaged items will be accepted with approval from Library staff. The City of Wolfforth Library is a fine free library with the exception of circulating makerspaces and technology devices. The overdue fines for these items will be $3 per day, per item. The complete policy can be found on our website at


Kimberly Brantley, Librarian