Our digital Library is open 24/7!

Even if we are closed, you have access to an entire digital library through Libby and SimplyE! 

The Wolfforth Library is part of the West Texas Digital Consortium through Libby (formerly Overdrive), with over 20,000 digital books available at your fingertips. This is where you will find all the popular NYT best-sellers and popular new releases along with popular titles for kids and teens. 

We are also a part of SimplyE through the state of Texas, giving all Wolfforth Library cardholders access to more than 100,000 free eBooks and eAudiobooks. SimplyE primarily includes adult fiction, popular non-fiction, and classics that are most appropriate for adult audiences. 

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You will need a Library card to access both Libby and SimplyE. We welcome all Texas residents to get a card with us.  

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