Volunteers Needed

We could definitely use some extra help this summer if you or someone you know may be interested. We need volunteers during all movie times this summer to help set up the room, sell snacks, and then help clean up once the movie is over. Mrs. Taylor could use an extra hand during storytime programs to assist with crafts and other activities. Volunteer work looks great on college applications, scholarship applications, and resumes. If you’d like to volunteer but can’t make it to one of our special events, no worries! We always have tasks a volunteer could help with, simply head over to the “Supporting Your Library” page to find the link for our volunteer website.

You will need to fill out the volunteer application and read through our handbook before you are able to volunteer with us. You can find those on our website as well, or use the links below to be take to them:

Volunteer handbook

Volunteer Application (Adult)

Volunteer Application (Teen)