Is the library closing?!

You may have noticed some changes on your recent visits to library; the audiobooks are almost all gone, we’ve gotten rid of the spinning shelves and now our desk is gone (well almost). What does all this mean?! Is the library in trouble? Are we closing our doors? NO WAY!

We are in the middle of a mini renovation. We are getting new carpet throughout the WHOLE library and getting a brand-new desk (woo!). We did get new shelves for the “leveled readers” that were on the spinning rack in the children’s room to hopefully make browsing easier. Once we get some funds, we will eventually add shelves to the adult area where the other spinning shelves were at (if you’d like to donate or become a friend of the library, now’s the time! *Shameless plug*).

Starting the week of Spring Break (March 14th), staff will begin boxing up ALL of the books in the library. We don’t have the fancy shelves that our carpet company can just slide around with the books on them, instead we must box up everything so they can move them. This means choices on books are going to be slim during the process, but eBooks are always available (ask us how to get signed in). This entire process should take us about three weeks. Programs will also be canceled starting this week 🙁 We are really sad about that, but there is just no safe way to offer programs with all the chaos in the building. So all programs will be canceled March 15th-April 17th. We will post updates everywhere when things are happening.

Starting the week after spring break (March 21st), carpet will begin being installed so the library will be closed some days and open others. Be sure to check here on the website, FaceBook, Instagram, or give us a call. When we are closed, we will still be available through email and social media!

To summarize:

  • No, the library is not closing, just upgrading. YAY!
  • Starting March 14, 2022 books will be getting boxed up – come load up on books that day or the week before!
  • Starting March 21, 2022 we will be closed off and on different days of the weeks. PLEASE CALL OR MESSAGE US BEFORE HEADING OUR DIRECTION.