Book Sale Troubles

Did you know that we host two book sales every year, or at least try to! For the last couple of sales library staff has been the one to organize, set up, and run the book sales. This may not sound like a lot but it is a huge time commitment from staff that has a million other things to do. Ms. Kim is constantly needing to add new items to the library, hop onto city meetings, work on library budget and grants, and more! Ms. Taylor plans and leads the majority of our library programs. Ms. Marla is in charge of our day-to-day operations and running the front desk. Our other ladies are all in school which means they have a limited schedule already. You’re probably wondering why this should matter to you…well it is because we need YOU. Yes you!

We need help from our wonderful community to work future book sales, or there will be no future book sales *tears*. We also need you to join our Friends of the Library group. What is Friends? Well, Friends of the Library is a group that advocates and fundraises for our library. Funds that this group raises through events, membership fees, and book sales go directly back to the library. The library uses those funds to purchase items, bring in special guests, purchase large items like shelving or seating, and more. Are you wondering why you didn’t know about this before? Well that’s because we have not had an active Friends group in a few years! *GASP* We are looking to totally revamp our group and essentially start fresh. This will be a P.R.O.J.E.C.T but we believe in all of you and will be right here with you! We would like for so many of our families that enjoy the library to become more involved. If you are interested in helping us send us an email ( ) or pop in and speak to Ms. Taylor or Ms. Kim.

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